About Sterling Land Company

At Sterling Land Company, we proudly continue a legacy of creating the places where you truly want to be.

Sterling Land was founded in 1915 by John McSorley. He was a builder who emigrated from Ireland and constructed several apartment buildings in the East end of Pittsburgh. In the second generation, several families were bought out of the business. For the last 30 years, Generation 3 has run and grown the business, diversifying asset classes to include commercial real estate. Today, Sterling Land is a blend of 3rd and 4th generation stakeholders and managers. We are currently in the midst of a succession process to pass the business onto the 4th generation.

Our properties are distinctive and each has their own histories and personality. From natural wood floors, large windows, generous closets and convenient, walkable neighborhoods, you are sure to enjoy life here.

For more information about our company, properties or available spaces, please contact us.